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Kalinka Petrova
Abstract: The purpose of the workshop was a joint discussion of some methodological issues, assessment the work done and planning the upcoming tasks in the field of the following observations of consumer goods and services representatives, on which 37 European countries are working according to an established international timetable:
1. Survey E16-1 ‘Everything for the Home and Garden’ - a summary report on the completed monitoring of the stages of work, results, main issues and conclusions at the level of the 37 participating countries
2. Survey E16-2 ‘Transport, restaurants and hotels’ - the results of the current monitoring received after the completion of the first phase (Validation Round 0 - Clearing errors and VR1) validation of the primary price information provided by the participating countries were presented and discussed; Presenting the results of the hotel questionnaire
3. Survey E17-1 ‘Services’ - a toolkit for carrying out the upcoming monitoring as well as a coordinated version of the common list of service representatives, specific instructions for collection and entry into the Eurostat PPP database were presented, some methodological questions were discussed
4. Survey E17-2 ‘Furniture and Health’ - Analysis of the summary results of the preliminary study conducted by each of the countries on the availability of goods / services, brands and models presentability in the market. Stages and timing of the survey
5. Survey E18-1 ‘Food, beverages and tobacco’ - an overview of the upcoming Consumer monitoring - structure, classifications, recommendations and implementation stages was made for the first half of 2018.

The article also presents the express data from consumer prices of goods and services price surveys for 2016, as well as brief methodological notes and general concepts in the area of purchasing power parities.

Date published: 2017-08-17
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