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Tasks and Vision for development in 2014


The new editorial team of the magazine "Statistics" - tasks and vision for development in 2014

I. Vision for Development

1. Creating a favourable environment for creative scientific and practical work in the NSI.

2. Making the necessary communication and coordination of work between the teams on the separate rubrics.

3. Each team works in relative autonomy. This means that: you can suggest ideas for the work of other teams; provide materials for other rubrics; attract authors on the topics of the magazine in general; offer photo materials for the relevant rubric; make proposals for the overall layout of the magazine.

4. Once a month (or when required) hold short working meetings with representatives of the editorial team by rubrics at the office of the Chief Editor. The aim is to obtain: flexibility in work on time and location; not to interfere with other official work of the experts involved in the particular issue of the magazine; obtain interchange ability in some of the routine work activities; not to hinder communication between experts.

5. Remuneration is received by all persons involved in the preparation of each issue of the magazine in accordance with the Statute and the Rules of Procedure of the „Statistics" magazine: editors, reviewers, translators and authors. Emphasis is placed on the fact that any research work deserves consideration, although the resources in this regard are limited.

6. Teams of the various rubrics are presented in the first issue of the magazine with photos and brief CVs. Emphasis is on the professionalism of the experts who create intellectual products for both NSI and the community and the state as a whole. In all subsequent issues of the magazine only experts and authors who are directly involved in the creation of the corresponding number will be introduced. The aim is to create a positive image of the institution in the public domain and consequently promote the scientific potential and capabilities of experts and authors working in and outside the NSI. For those who work in NSI, efforts and activities paid during the creation of the magazine should be taken into account when evaluating their future career development.

II. Tasks in the short term

1. By 15.02. to make suggestions and / or to provide specific materials for discussion.

2. To prepare for the NSI website an ‘address to the readers of the „Statistics" magazine’ and the vision and the way the magazine will be compiled in the future.

3. To open a readers’ feedback rubric.

4. To make a new design of the magazine.

5. To consider the way in which readers will have access to the magazine and the way to pay in the event that they want to hold the relevant issue of „statistics".

III. Statute and Rules of the "Statistics" magazine

Notes and comments.

IV. Specific objectives to achieve by issuing the "Statistics" magazine

1. To present the NSI in the best possible way.

2. To accumulate and disseminate knowledge.

3. To give ideas and vision for the NSI’s development.

4. To be a pivot and start a career for the employees of NSI; attestation of professionalism; an option for promotion in rank and position; motivation to raise wages, motivation in choosing to participate in international forums, conferences, business trips, involvement in research projects and research.

5. Be related to the overall activities of the NSI; Eliminate the risk of turning the magazine into a „desert island” of elitist science (the more obscure, the more mysterious, impracticable and sinking into oblivion).

6. To demonstrate that statistics is not managed through the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, but by “dictatorship of the mind, knowledge and high social culture".


Bogdan Bogdanov Ph.D.

Chief Editor of “Statistics” Magazine