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Забравили сте данните? Подписка

Luba Yaneva
Резюме: The number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in 2013 was over 300 000, which represents 99.8% of all businesses. Most numerous are the micro enterprises with 0-9 employees, whose share is 91.9 % of all businesses. Next is the group of small enterprises with 10-49 employees - 6.7 % and the medium-sized enterprises with 50-249 employees -respectively 1.3 %.
A key feature of the small and medium business in Bulgaria continues to be the large number of micro enterprises, which however have lower average employment rate (2.0 employees per enterprise) and relatively low labour productivity, which is lower as compared with the group of the small enterprises, as well as with the group of the medium-sized enterprises.
The large territorial disproportions in the typical for the SMEs characteristics in Bulgaria are preserved. In terms of territory most attractive for planning and development of SMEs is still the Yugozapaden statistical rajon. On the opposite side is the extremely low structural contribution of the Severozapaden rajon whose shares are between 2 % and 5 % for the various indicators.
The answer to the question whether the economic crisis in the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises has been overcome cannot be unequivocal. In some sectors, such as "Production and distribution of electricity, heat and gaseous fuels", "Production and distribution of information and creative products; telecommunications", "Water supply sewerage, waste management and recovery" and others, the level of economic activity of 2008 has definitely been surpassed. In other sectors like "Construction" and "Real Estate Operations" the decline continues. The lack of sufficient investments to expand and modernize the activity of production of goods and provision of services, however, does not contribute for increase in the competitiveness of SMEs and creates an environment of uncertainty.
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Дата на публикуване: 2015-01-21
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