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Забравили сте данните? Подписка

Sonya Zlatanova
Резюме: The eleventh Census in Bulgaria started on December 1, 1956. It was carried out according to a degree of the Council of Ministers from April 14, 1956.

The interview method was applied for the first time during the Census in 1956. All persons, except children and seriously ill, were questioned in person by the interviewers who also filled out questionnaires.

The Census was carried out by 23 598 interviewers and 5 397 controllers. A special attention was given to the training of staff in the Census.

The PR campaign of Census 1956 had a wide national coverage: 6777 radio broadcasts, 248 articles by the print media, 21 341 talks and meetings. The short film ‘Life in numbers’, created especially for the Census, was screened in the course of 3 months.

The eleventh Census was the first to use technical procession of data. The data on the demographic and socio-economic state of population was gradually published in four volumes. The results on housing were published in two volumes. The first volume contains information about housing in Sofia. National data was published in the second volume.

For the first time in 2017 the digital collection ‘Census 1956’ was published in the web space. It has a volume of 3290 pages and is accessed through the bilingual Internet portal of the digital library of the National Statistical Institute. The search is available both in Bulgarian and English.
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Дата на публикуване: 2017-03-20
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