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Stoyan Totev
Резюме: Prof. Anastas Y. Totev, born in Sofia in 1906, is one of the most versatile, colourful and impressive figures in the statistical community in Bulgaria. He has three degrees in higher education - Agronomy, Law, and Economics. His latest degree Economics and Statistics he received during his specialization and work in the 1930s at the research institutes of economic and social sciences at Cornell University. For some time he also specialized and worked at the renowned Harvard University. In the United States, he has a degree in economics at Cornell University.

Central place in Professor Totev's research work are theoretical and methodological issues of statistics. The broad specialization he acquired proves to be extremely useful for his research and lecturing activities. The gained knowledge explains the diverse interests and the multiple topics of the subjects he taught. They provide him the opportunity to work very successfully in his research and teaching activities in a number of major fields - Statistics, Economics, Prices and Finance, Demography, Sociology, Agronomy, Law and History.

Prof. Totev's life path is separated from the historical boundaries of different socio-economic conditions of the country as opposed to his creative path. In his public life, he is not a politician, but a scrupulous scientist. His entire research and lecturing activities bear the marks of uninvolved political civic activity and professionalism. His merits for science and university work are remembered by generations of statisticians. That is why attention deserve both the accumulated wealth from his works, as well as each of his publications and manifestations, which show the maturity, objectivity and conscientiousness of a great and humble Bulgarian scientist.

Prof. Anastas Totev died in 2000 in Sofia at the age of 93.

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Дата на публикуване: 2019-09-19
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