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Забравили сте данните? Подписка

Yordan Hristoskov
Резюме: The article is divided into two parts: a) theoretical and methodological issues of the essence, qualifications and indicators and methods for statistical analysis of the infrastructure; b) assessment of the level and differences in the development of infrastructure at statistical regions and statistical areas level by the method of Bennett.

In the first part the author makes a critical analysis of the existing definitions of infrastructure in the scientific literature and regulatory documents, and a working definition of the term "infrastructure" and "infrastructure of the region" is displayed. Presented is a classification of infrastructure according to different indications and an indicative list of the composition of the material and institutional infrastructure at national and regional level. Outlined are the indicators of the infrastructure and a critical review of methods for measuring the level of infrastructure development and the differences in these levels at the regional level. A review and critical analysis of approaches to assess the impact of infrastructure on various aspects of economic and social development of the region is made. The results obtained in this theoretical and methodological plan are a good scientific basis not only for the particular study, but can be used by other researchers of the infrastructure problems.

In the second part of the article are displayed relative integral assessments of the levels and differences in the development of physical and institutional infrastructure in Bulgaria at the level of statistical regions (NUTS2) and statistical areas (NUTS3), as well as a specific assessment for the access of economic agents and the population in the regions and districts of Bulgaria to linear and point objects of the infrastructure with international, national and regional importance. Recommendations are made for the accelerated development of infrastructure as a whole and its individual sectors in the areas where its development is insufficient and appears to be a limitation for the economic growth and attraction of foreign investment.
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Дата на публикуване: 2015-01-19
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