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Забравили сте данните? Подписка

Victor Petrov
Резюме: A brief flashback of the role of the NSI as an institution of paramount importance for the state governance of the economy as well as the work of the Bulgarian statisticians in periods with fundamentally different socio-economic aspect. Emphasis is placed on changes in the years after 2007, when Bulgaria has already become a member of the European Union, indicating the importance of statistical data for the implementation of the ‘Europe 2020’ strategy. The new role and significance of Bulgarian statistics as an important source of information about the need and merits of the decision-making with an expected positive effect is defined. It outlines the role of the NSI to support the work of state institutions in the implementation of structural reforms in key areas such as health, pension system, education in its different forms and degrees, judicial system and effective administration of justice, labor law and social assistance, public administration and effective enforcement of tax legislation.
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Дата на публикуване: 2015-08-19
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