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Забравили сте данните? Подписка

Antoaneta Ilkova, Zdravka Bobeva
Резюме: At the end of May 2018, the 85th edition of the Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Bulgaria was issued. On the anniversary, we prepared a brief historical mosaic of retrospectives and first statistical observations, which have been published in the most authoritative edition of the National Statistical Institute. Their appearance in the Bulgarian literary heritage enables the governmental institutions to make decisions and put them on practice; the academic community to develop and deep the scientific knowledge and all interested users to enhance their personal statistical culture and awareness.

The beginning of the Statistical Yearbook’s compilation in Bulgaria has been started in 1909 as the first edition was published in 1910. ‘To compile in one publication the annual statistics on all branches of life in Bulgaria was a necessity, equally imposed all the time by the Directorate of Statistics and by the state needs and by the public interests’, wrote in the Preface of the first edition the then Chief Director - Kiril Popov.

In order to enrich the 85th edition of the Yearbook, in line with the traditional forms of distribution - printed and on CD, we used the capabilities of new technologies and created a special application - Statistical Yearbook 2017 in infographics. Through it, we offer the users a different view of the statistical information. The current state and changes in socio-economic and cultural life in Bulgaria are not presented in the traditional way with tables and text, but through infographics - images, graphics and other means of visualization. We hope that in this way we will make the information provided easier to understand for the youngest users and help them to realize the importance and meaning of numbers in modern life.

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Дата на публикуване: 2018-06-07
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