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Забравили сте данните? Подписка

Luben Tomev, Martin Dimov
Резюме: The construction of an integral index, which measures the satisfaction of workers and employees of different in their nature parameters of the working environment is innovative in character concept for Bulgarian research practice.
Subjective assessments regarding - the nature, intensity and working conditions, working hours and opportunities to reconcile work and family life, salary, relationships for hiring and firing, job security, training and career opportunities, socio-psychological climate and etc., are the basis not only for making a snapshot of the "working environment", but also to monitor the processes in their dynamics.
By using adequate sociological tools and statistical methods the study performs a comparative analysis in dynamics between different sectors and branches of the economy, between regions, between categories of employees (eg, "white" and "blue" collar). The developed methodology provides both indices for the separate indicators, group and sub-indices at sub-level, as well as construction / calculation of integral "labour climate index", summarizing the work of the employed. The experience of the few countries offering similar practice shows that the instrumentation of the study is easily adaptable to the conditions of specific companies, enterprises and organizations, and it is often used by management for such assessments at company level.
The research results are a barometer of the state and development of the labour climate at national level and in various sections, and they are valuable information not only for the social partners (trade unions and employers), but also for the "decision makers" at political level. Ambitions of the research team of the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research of the CETUB are to achieve sustainability of the project and turning it into regular national research.

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Дата на публикуване: 2014-06-23
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